Let me start by wishing you all a happy and healthy New year. I hope this year brings you so much peace and joy.

With the overflow of Information on the Internet about acne and its cure, it is still a daunting task for many to find the solution that they seek. With that in mind, I will be sharing a big secret with with you, the best serums to use, to get rid of your acne faster.

Here’s what you will take away from this post if you read till the end:

1. The best serums for acne-prone skin.

2. How and when to use this product.

3. The products you can combine with your serum for optimal treatment.

4. How to wash your face if you are plagued with acne.

Without further ado let’s get started with our topic of the day.


1. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that do not only treat active breakouts but also help to fade acne scars and discolouration. This product can be used to treat severe form of acne and even inflammatory forms like pustules and papules.

Also, it helps brighten acne scar and hyperpigmentation. Lathering this product to your face can heal existing breakouts in 28 days and help prevent new breakouts. It is however, worthy to note that Niacinamide can dry out the skin and make your face more sensitive to the sunlight.

How to use Ordinary Niacinamide serum- Wash your face with a gentle Cleanser formulated for acne-prone skin like Cerave cleanser and rinse thoroughly afterwards. Pat dry your face gently with a clean towel and apply few drops of this product to your face and neck using the pipette. Allow your skin to absorb it properly before applying a moisturizer generously to your face and neck.

Endeavour to incorporate this into your nighttime routine, because the skin repairs itself while we are asleep. This will help boost healing and improve your skin texture.

2. Satin Naturel Organic Retinol Serum

I included this serum not just because of its enviable ingredients but because of its effectiveness. It treats your acne and improves your skin texture at the same time. The vitamin c in this product will help brighten your face, while the Vitamin A (Retinol) helps with collagen production; gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines; and help reverse aging effects. The Retinol also help to suppress excessive oil production which is partly responsible for acne.

HOW TO USE- Retinol can cause irritation when used wrongly or if you haven’t built up your tolerance level yet. Therefore, it is advisable to use this product twice a week if you are just starting out and only use it at night because it makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage. Apply 3 pumps to a freshly-washed face and allow the serum to fully penetrate into skin before using your moisturizer. Also, do not forget to use your sunscreen daily to prevent sun damage.

Lastly, I’ll suggest you use a good moisturizing cream afterwards. Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel is a good option because it contains Hyaluronic acid which is deeply hydrating and can be used with the products I listed above.


This last tip sounds so banal but majority of people wash their faces wrongly. The correct way is to wash your face gently for a minimum of 45 to 60 seconds using a circular motion. Do not neglect the back of your ear especially for people who suffer from Seborrhoeic dermatitis.

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