Having a good skincare routine is one side of the divide, but knowing how to properly layer your skincare products is the other side(the most important). Not using your skincare products in the right order is tantamount to waste of money and the products itself and this is what you should endeavour to avoid by all means .

Using a moisturizer before wearing your serum is a no-no, unless you are working on your Retinol tolerance level; then it’s acceptable.

Firstly, I’ll share with you, the perfect way to layer your skincare products in your AM- Routine and subsequently your Pm-Routine.


1. Cleanser– using the appropriate cleanser for your skin type should be your first order of business in regards to your skincare routine. Don’t forget to double cleanse for an optimal face-washing experience. Pat dry with a clean towel afterwards

2. Toner– for those who have toner or mist sprays as their part of routine, this is the time to use it. It sets the base for the other products and enables your face to absorb the subsequent products effectively. I wrote about the skincare products you don’t need here and what you should use instead.

3. Essence /Ampulles /Serum– if you use these three products in your routine, then apply it in this order to get your optimal results. However, you can cut out the essence/ Ampulles and use just a serum instead. For those who intend to tackle a particular skincare problem like acne or hyperpigmentation, you can use an active like Niacinamide serum instead of the regular serum. Also, you can layer hyaluronic serum after applying your Niacinamide but do not mix your products together.

4. Apply your eyecream.

5. Face cream / moisturizer – moisturizers work as occlusives; they help lock in the moisture which is why you should use them 30 seconds after wearing your serum to lock in the moisture.

6. Sunscreen – This should always be the last step in your AM- Routine and should be done at least 30 minutes before you leave the house, so you can get the maximum protection from the UVA/B Rays. When choosing your Spf, go for 30 + and above.


This when you can consider using some specific products like Retinol. Start off by cleansing your face with an oil-based cleanser and double cleanse by using your normal water-base cleanser.

<> Use a Toner / chamomile tea

<> Apply your actives like Retinol or serum.

<> Apply your eyecream

<> Apply your face oils, suitable for your skin type.

<> Lock in the moisture using your nighttime moisturizer.

<> Always endeavour to keep your routine as simple as possible and do not forget to exfoliate your face twice weekly.

Photo Credit: Google images