If you are new to the skincare world and unsure where to begin, then permit me to introduce you to my book, “THE SKINCARE ROUTINE MANUAL“, which I created with the help of my esthetician and dermatologist. I explicitly explained everything you need, to be be able to achieve a radiant skin in 28 days.

  1. In chapter one, I wrote on how to cleanse your skin; face cleansers for different skin types ; How I wash my face and how you should wash your face ; How often you should cleanse your face and the most effective cleansing methods.
  2. In Chapter two, I talked about Face Mists, Why You need them, The benefits of Face Mists and which skin type needs face Mists. Also, you will find an alternative for face Mists and how you can make them at home.
  3. Chapter three is dedicated to Serums, Ampoules and Essence. The science behind them and how to effectively incorporate them into your skincare regimen.
  4. Chapter four is all about ACTIVES. This is the backbone of this book and you will learn the science of skincare in this chapter. You will find the best ACTIVES for treating Acne, Wrinkles and signs of aging, Dryness, Pigmentation issues, Dark circles, etc. Also I talked about EGCG, the positive impact it has on our health and some homemade stuff that contains EGCG.
  5. Chapter five is simply on how to effectively lock in moisture on your skin.
  6. In chapter six, I wrote about the science behind sunscreen and the best sunscreens for every skin type
  7. In Chapter seven, I talked extensively about the exfoliation and the benefits of exfoliation on the skin, How often and how to exfoliate the face.
  8. Chapter eight talked about foods and exercises for radiant skin, how to holistically achieve healthy and a flawless skin.
  9. In the conclusion, I gave some tips on how to achieve flawless skin in 28 days.

This is the book that will change your skincare game from 0 to 10. Remember to share this book with your friends and family and don’t forget to leave a review afterwards. Thank you.