There are lots of skin care mistakes we make inadvertently. Probably because, most of us are autodidact in taking care of our skin, which is wrong by the way.

We have this notion that taking care of our skin is among the things you don’t have to learn in order to become an expert in it. Well, it can be true for people who have ‘naturally flawless skin’ but also it can be totally false. We have always had cases where people used skin care products wrongly because they didn’t know better. For example, some people use moisturizer on their face before using a face serum which is wrong. A face serum penetrates into the skin more than a moisturizer and therefore should be used before you apply your moisturizer.


The bad thing about being an autodidact in skin care issues is that you might not know you are getting it wrong unless you educate yourself with books from skin care experts, and then change that which is wrong in your routine. I have battled bad skin for so many years and have sat on different Dermatologists chairs for as long as I can remember. Which is why I talk a lot about skin care alot. I offered my body as an experiment, so you don’t have to. How sweet?

A few years ago, I shared some skin care mistakes you should avoid here and I was called out by someone who was on the offenders list and I find that worrisome that most people are offended by the truth because it affects their business; but regardless, I will always call a spade, a spade because that’s what our society needs. I always advice people to NEVER patronise these ‘organic skincare cream mixers’ because most of these products are unregulated and can cause skin cancer and other health problems.

I might not be a classical Messiah in every sense of it, but the content of this book will definitely save you from making some skin care mistakes and help you get a radiant skin in 28 days.

I addressed many issues in this book and I gave some practical tips on how you can create a workable routine without breaking your bank.Also, I wrote the easy ways to identify your skin type and the products you should use and the ones you should avoid. Now this book should already be on your book shelves because it is truly loaded and you have a lot to gain from it. To order this book, please click on the link below:


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