Before you read this post, make sure to check this one out first, where we talked about the effective Skincare routine for fall/winter.

Now back to this post. Finding a lip balm that works is always a herculean task. Most times, the lip balms do not fulfil their promises of giving us plumped lips or moisturised lips. Having gone through more lip balms than I can remember, I know this to be true. You often spend so much money on the cult-favourite lip balms, which end up doing little or nothing for you. One thing I can tell you is that expensive lip balms work just as well as the cheaper ones. Before applying your lip balm, make sure you exfoliate your lips using Moliaebeauty exfoliator



This is one of the best hydrating lip balms that I’ve ever used. It contains moisturising ingredients like bio calendula flower extract,  which keeps the lips soft and hydrated for a longer time. The price is under 2 Euros.


This lipbalm is formulated for those with dry and chapped lips. It helps to regenerate dry lips and protects it from getting chapped. The only downside to this lipbalm is that, it leaves a white film/coat on the lips, which is not always a beautiful sight to behold. I’ll advise you to use it at night before going to bed. You’ll wake up with a soft and moisturised lips the next day.


You’ll be amazed at the effectiveness of this lip balm. It doesn’t have a glossy feel to it. When applied to the lips, it looks a little bit matte, which can also be perfect for summer, because who. wants to look like they applied Vaseline to their lips? This one keeps the lips hydrated and moisturised for hours .

One thing all these lipbalms have in common is that they are potent and very affordable.

Share your thoughts with me below. What’s your favourite lip balm?

Have an amazing week and I can’t wait to see you all in the next week’s post. Cheers!

Photo credits: Google images

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