Hello and welcome back to my blog. If you are new here, please take a seat and thank you for joining us. Today I will be talking about something that I love so much – Perfumes. I could talk about this all day without getting bored or tired. Exploring different notes and monitoring the Sillage/longevity is a beautiful dream. I get this iridescent feeling whenever I smell something gorgeous on myself, or someone else. Magical.

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This is when you wear more than one fragrance, intending to alter, amplify or strengthen the longevity of the scent. We all know that most fragrances have weak or moderate longevity. Hence layering it with some other fragrances, which may be stronger, will help the scent linger on for a longer time.


1. To amplify the smell of a scent. Most of us intend to amplify our perfumes through layering. For example, if you love tonka bean as a note, but the one in the perfume of your choice is faint, you can layer it with let’s say Black Opium by YSL. Voila, your nose will be filled with the notes of Tonka bean.

Side note: Layering doesn’t have to be achieved with perfumes alone. They are other products that you can use to achieve this as well. We will discuss that in a separate post.

2. Layering can be used to mask the smell of a perfume you don’t love very much. Well, you shouldn’t be buying a fragrance you don’t love in the first place, but it is easier said than done. Most of us occasionally indulge in blind buys. For example, I purchased a bottle of Hacivat by Nishane , after reading a review about it. Luckily, I didn’t regret it.

However, they are some perfumes that I regret buying. For example Shaghaf Oud by Swiss Arabian. Since I can’t throw it away, I use another perfume to mask the notes in them, which I don’t appreciate. I realised that layering Shaghaf Oud with Save The Queen by Atkinsons which has a more subtle oud made the scent become stunning. The strong oud in Shaghaf Oud became milder as a result.

3. Layering can also be used to create a distinct smell. I once layered Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum on Reckless Leather by Amouage. It was like a merger between two old ‘moneys’. Doing this changed the entire DNA of the fragrances stunningly.

Now let’s hear from you. Which are you go-to perfumes for layering?

Have a beautiful week and I can’t wait to see you in the next week’s episode. Cheers!

Photo Credit: Google image and Perfumekoenigin


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